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Check out this awesome list of tutorials by Cosplay Tutorial!

It could be what you think, just not in the way you’re expecting. #cosplay


Le Gogh

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Links to full size images:

Anna Embroidery References- Winter/Peasant Outfit (Color)

Anna Stencils: Winter Bodice

Anna Stencils: Winter Skirt

Anna Stencils: Various Winter Items

Anna Embroidery References- Coronation Gown (Color)

Anna Stencils: Coronation Outfit

This is for INDIVIDUAL use only. Please do not redistribute without linking back to the originals, and do not remove watermarks and credits. You may use this for any recreational crafting purposes, such as a tracing guide for embroidering on Anna cosplays or costumes. DO NOT adapt these images and insert them into your own art images, tutorials, etc. without prior permission, thanks!

Most of these designs are Disney Animation’s creative property, and I do not claim to have designed them (there are a few exceptions in which I designed my own original interpretations, such as on the back bodice). All I have done is rendered them for use of reference on my Anna cosplay, and now I am sharing them with you all. =)

Items are not necessarily to scale (it depends on what you intend to put it on), so if using for embroidery, be sure to check your scale! ;D

EDIT: Added Anna’s coronation outfit as well, since I got bored now that finals are over!

 Additionally, here is a link to a tutorial on how to “embroider” Anna’s boots.

We’re using the scraps from all our old cosplay to make our next project. Maybe we’re giving away too many hints but we got so inspired by a fan art we stumbled on. #cosplay


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You can view the full sized tutorial HERE .

" Sophie , you’re beautiful! “

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Connor Wolf Head Tutorial. 


  • Wire (I used 6mm Galvanized Steel wire that I purchased from Home Depot, but you can use any wire that is sturdy enough to keep it’s shape)
  • Masking tape
  • Fake fur
  • scissors
  • hot glue


  • acrylic paint
  • electric razor

Step 1: I began with a wire base that ended up resembling the shape of a baseball cap, except the lip of the had was shaped like an animal snout. I assembled everything either by wrapping any excess wires together or by wrapping a few, thin strips of masking tape around the joint. (seen in first image)

Step 2: I covered the entire wire cap in masking tape, cutting out holes for the eyes. (seen in image 2)

Step 3: I began covering the cap in the fake fur. When cutting the fake fur, it’s important to not cut the actual FUR. Instead, cut the cloth. I used a comb to part the fur so I could make a clean cut. 
I also had to cut a lot of tiny strips of fur so it would sit right on the base cap. (seen in Image 2 and 3)

Step 4: Once the entire cap is covered and everything is glued, you can cut out the long pieces that hang down. I made the two pieces in the front separate from the back, and then connected them above my shoulders with glue later.

Step 5: I make a little wolf nose (even though Connor’s wolf hat technically doesn’t have one….) out of sculpty. I baked it, painted it, then glued it on. (unpainted version seen in image 3 and 4)

Step 6: I trimmed a lot of the fur down with an electric razor. (if you want in really short like I did on the front hanging pieces, try to cut a lot off with scissors before you go in with the razor, because you can damage the razor)

Step 7: Paint! I actually ended up dying everything with sharpie dye first, but it was too pale so I had to go back in with acrylic paint. 

AAAAAAnnnndd that about covers it. If you have any questions feel free to let me know! And have fun making your wolfy hats!


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Take us back to AX with all the cute cosplayers. (Repost from @b.liu )





O. M. G.

I feel better now. I needed something cute like this.





O. M. G.

I feel better now. I needed something cute like this.

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