We are Mr.SPiCEY and SPiCEYRiCEY. We are a couple that likes to cosplay... as couples.
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The power of Cosplay


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
how on earth did you guys make Hiccups firesword? It looks amazing! goodjob :D
spiceycosplay spiceycosplay Said:

Thank you :). Since we have been getting this question so much, we plan to do a writeup about it. Keep an eye out and look in our coshelp and FAQ tags soon.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! May I inquire as to where Mr SPiCEY got his Hiccup wig?
spiceycosplay spiceycosplay Said:

Hello! Long story short, Mr. SPiCEY’s wig was a result of an ebay fiasco. It came all wonky and looking nothing like what we thought we were ordering. We have trimmed, dyed and added hair to it. The shop no longer exists. If you do decided to go the ebay route only go for shops with 95% or higher ratings. 

Ugly green foam has been transformed by worbla. #worbla #cosplay

Made a base for a thing. #cosplay

Cosplay supply run day! Look ma we’re on T.V.

Next cosplay is a GO!


I will keep you from all harm

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New video! Anime Expo was my first convention and it’s been bittersweet watching it grow and change over the past 6 years. This was my first year filming in this style for a cosplay VFX video and it’s crazy how differently I have to approach each convention when it comes to hallway shots, private shoots, etc. 

; 0; Yay!!!! We made it into another cosplay video by Thegriffincam! !! We also see some people we know ( thecoopcosplay )! Don’t forget to share the video so other cosplayers can find themselves too. Thanks guys!

With big donations comes great responsibility. Our craft room is a miniature Michael’s, both a blessing and a curse. #cosplay #eyeletsfordays

@pixie_kiss #animeexpo ♥

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How many cosplays have u done
spiceycosplay spiceycosplay Said:

 This many. Last one is us in regular clothes <3